It’s All for the Kids!

Government cutbacks have forced communities to have to depend on money raised through fundraising efforts to continue to offer our kids educational enhancements.

The Parent Survey (June 2015) conveyed the feeling of many parents for the need to take a break from so many fundraisers.  A decision has been made to work off of less fundraising money this year and focus on activities that bring all of our families together to enjoy our community.

Fundraising is done in two different ways at Holly – School Fundraisers & PAC Fundraisers.

School Fundraisers

School fundraisers are organized by school staff and supported by parent volunteers.  Proceeds from these are used to fund specific goals set by the Principal and staff.

School fundraisers include (but not limited to):

  • Poinsettia Sales
  • Cookie Dough Orders
  • Spring Flower Baskets
  • Sports Day Concession

PAC Fundraisers

PAC fundraisers are organized by parents and the proceeds go towards fulfilling goals as set in our PAC budget.

PAC fundraisers include:

  • Spring Fair
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Clothing Drive
  • Spirit Wear Sales
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Movie Nights
  • Watch for more as opportunities arise

Whether  fundraising or community building events, the focus is the same – the KIDS.  Volunteers and staff work tirelessly at our school to try and provide our children with a better learning environment and a fun and supportive school experience.

Money at Work

In order to provide those “extras”, we rely on the support of the PAC Community (that’s you!).  Our fundraising efforts allow the PAC to work together with the Teaching and Administrative staff to coordinate bringing in different programs and initiatives.  Examples of where the fundraised money is used:

  • Financial contribution towards Holly’s Haven
  • Purchase of iPad Minis
  • Field Trips
  • Document Projection Cameras
  • Library Books
  • Financial contribution to each teacher for teaching supplies
  • Zumba Fitness Program
  • Yoga Program
  • Hip Hop Instruction
  • Stand By Me Presentation
  • High Touch High Tech Science Program
  • Chicks & Butterfly Program
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Rugs for Primary Rooms
  • Performance Art Presentations
  • Justice Theatre
  • Guard for school at Halloween
  • Contribution to Grade 7 Grad Celebration
  • Welcome Back BBQ
  • School set of Holly Jerseys

Justice Theatre Presentation